Concealed carry bags are one of the best accessories the armed woman can invest in besides a quality carry gun, holster and clothing for concealment. We know where the failings are in so many bags that are marketed as being for this purpose, which is why these bags are made to succeed where so many others fail.

You might want concealed carry bags for pistols, which we can definitely equip you with. Our bags for this purpose have features that you won’t find anywhere else, making secure concealed carry possible like no other bag for this purpose.

We also make bags with more general purpose in mind, whether you want a general design of purse or bag for daily carry, as a gym bag, range bag or even with overnight use in mind.

For general purpose use, check out our Messenger Bag and Nylon Duffel bags. These are perfect for daily carry items. Lightweight but durable nylon cloth makes them light, but with heavy-duty hardware and stitching for long service life.

The Messenger Bag is perfect for daily carry use, with generous storage for typical items you want to keep on hand. The adjustable shoulder strap lets you sling it low like a book bag or take it up higher to wear like a purse. For a bit more in carrying capacity, our Nylon Duffel bag can haul a bit more, making it great for your gym clothes, a pack-light overnight trip or as a minimalist range bag.

We also have a double pistol bag, a light padded carrying case for up to two pistols of almost any size. Thick padding prevents any damage from occurring, and generous pockets let you carry two of any pistol short of the largest magnum revolvers. External flap pockets let you carry up to four magazines and small accessories.

Our Laptop Bag is our flagship concealed carry bag. This leather bag has a generous main compartment, accommodating most smaller laptops as well as a mouse, power supply and any other accessories. The side compartment features a hook and loop mounting pad for use with our Hook And Loop Holster, which can be bought separately or with the bag as a combo. A rare earth magnet enclosure strongly fastens the flap, keeping the pistol secure and concealed.

We will add more styles and designs of concealed carry bags for women in time, so keep your eyes on this space for new additions.

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